Monday, August 26, 2013

“How do structured settlement loan work”

A structured settlement loan, an upfront lump sum payment is given to the recipient of the settlement making use of the structured settlement as collateral for the loan. For obtaining a loan, instead of getting your steady semi-annual payments, or some other period for instance, you are going to just get a lump-sum amount. 
In some cases people experience scenarios where expenses go up or that require a large amount. This loan is especially useful for people who need that badly needed cash instantly.
Who are able to apply?
Generally anyone who obtains structured settlement payments can apply for structured settlement loans. Frequent financial conditions which require people to take a loan of their structured settlement payments include buying a house,paying a large debt or medical emergencies.
In addition, people frequently want some way of control on where they want to spend their money on. They would rather have a larger amount in their hands right away than wait around for the entire settlement period to complete.
The government appears to have made a favorable setting for the structured settlement system in terms of taxes. The money associated with the loan are exempted in the gross income, in other words, the loan is virtually tax free. Ask your financial advisor if this also the case in non-US countries, especially if you are living abroad.
Deciding on the best provider
A good option to search for a lender of structured settlement loans is online. There you can find a number of lenders that provide different rates. Make certain to select one that is certainly trustworthy and reliable and with the experience in handling structured settlement loans with past clients.
Lenders make use of the actual settlement amount to determine the value of the loan they are willing to give their clients. The typical percentage is around 70% to 90%. This type of loan poses less risk for the lender because annuity payments may be used to entirely settle the loan. For that reason, not only will the lender easily approves the loan but is more inclined to offer competitive interest rates to the borrower.
The structured settlement loan industry has received its own share of bad reputation in the past because of cases of alleged consumer abuse especially in legal funding. However, this has been addressed by a range of laws passed to keep loan recipients being legally taken advantage by financial companies.
Things to remember when getting a loan
As mentioned above, structured settlement loans will be a lot less the amount compared to the original claim which is because the lender is likely to consider the annual percentage rate repayments into the loan. For instance, in a court case resolution, even if you can receive the money, you will end up not getting it all in your own if you use it for a loan.
Some people say that it’s better that people simply stick with their steady, long-period payments when there’s really nothing important for them to use the money for. Many people, however, are spending their lump sum money in buying non-essential things such as remodeling a house or a newly introduced car.


  1. Great post! I think structured settlements are great, but sometimes emergencies happen and it's better to sell them for a lump sum. I plan to sell my structured settlement to help pay for my rent. I am behind in bills and I believe the lump sum will help m more right now.

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